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14 January 2010 | No Comments
The campus and logo of York St John University

The campus and logo of York St John University

Today, with less than two weeks till I leave for England, I found out that I got into the two York St John University modules that I wanted. Now I should note that what Americans typically call ‘courses’ are known as ‘modules’ in Britain–or at least that’s what they are called at York St John University. It’s going to take a while before I get used to using the British English words for things. Friends of mine who have been to or lived in England before have given me a few hints for starters, but I don’t think the different usages will settle in until I actually get there and have spent some time there.

But that was just a tangent, the point is that I wanted to share what non-Calvin College courses (modules!) I will be taking. Here are the names of the courses and their course descriptions:

  • The Medium is the Message: Media Evolution and History

The module will look at how different media determine what we think and even how we think. We will explore how the evolution of media and communications technologies affects our understanding of the world and our place in it, how we organise ourselves and how we act. The module takes a historical look at the development of the media – from cave paintings, through the printing press, telegraphy, radio and television to the internet – as an essential step in helping us to understand the media of today and tomorrow.

  • Roads to Revolution: England 1558 – 1642

The main aims of this module are to examine the development of English society during one of its most controversial phases; to investigate the process of transition from apparent stability under Elizabeth I to the brink of civil war under Charles I; and to debate the historical factors by which this process was impelled. It will examine subsequent perceptions of the period in novels, plays and films as well as in historical writings.

I am taking the first module (Medium is the Message) as a supplemental course to my major. (For those of you who don’t already know, my major is Interdisciplinary in Studio Art and Computer Science & Information Systems with a minor in Writing.) As an Interdisciplinary Major I am supposed to take a certain number of courses from 2 main departments and also two courses from a third supplemental department, which is Communication Art and Science. I’m not sure if the Medium is the Message is exactly CAS, but it sounds like a good combination of Art, Art History, and Communication.

The second module (Roads to Revolution) is a class I am taking for fun. Past York semester students have highly recommended History courses at York St John University, and the Elizabethan era particularly interests me, and this class included that period. Originally I thought I needed one more history core credit for Calvin College, but it turns out I don’t because the British Culture course I am taking with the Calvin instructor will count for that credit.

I’ll see if these are the courses I stick with when I get there. If I recall correctly, one of my second choices had something to do with how the English language is spoken around the world. We were told that if we didn’t like a class or it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for or needed, we could change it when we get to York.

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