There and Back Again: A Student’s Tale

18 April 2010 | No Comments

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming… After 3 long weeks of traveling all across Europe, I am finally back in York, my home away from home. I hope you did not mind the gap in my blog posting, and enjoyed following my updates on Twitter/Facebook as I went.

Now, if I wrote about my entire spring break in one blog post, that would be a monstrosity. Instead, I’m going to write one post per major destination or country. In my last blog post, I told you where I planned to go (and where I’d most likely go), and now I’ve been there and back again. (If you didn’t get the pun already, it’s the subtitle of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.)

You’ll have to be patient with my photo updates on here and on on Facebook and Shutterfly. I took 1135 photos in the past three weeks, just about doubling the total amount of all the photos I had taken all semester so far! As always, I’ll include only highlight photos in these blog posts, my favorite or best pictures from each place.

I’ll start with London and Rochester in my first post (following this post), fly over to Italy for the second, Ireland for the third, and the Netherlands and my return journey for the last.

Beware that I am also busy with school work. I can’t be captioning photos and writing blog posts all day. Exams are soon, and I have several papers due next week! It’s going to be rough getting back into the school mode after being away from my studies for almost a month! (Don’t worry, I pre-wrote all these blog posts on my long ferry and train rides back to York–to let you in on my little secret, so all I would have to do is type them up when I got back and add the pictures.) But I still want to let you all know as soon as I can about all my crazy-fun adventures of the past, well, month… Here goes… look out for LONDON!

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