Semester in Britain Program

These are quotations from the Calvin College Off-Campus Programs website. I put them here to give you an idea of what the Semester in Britain program is all about. Read more about Calvin College’s Semester in Britain program.

Semester in Britain logo

Semester in Britain logo


The city of York is located in the middle of a larger region called Yorkshire, an area of picturesque moorlands and valleys, with dramatic limestone scenes to the north, lush, sprawling meadows to the south and coastline landscapes to the east.

Narrow, winding streets. Ancient timbered houses so old they’re protected by a conservation order. And no cars. This is the center of York, the host city for Calvin’s semester in Britain. The city’s layers of history—almost 2000 years worth—will be a constant source of intrigue as you study at York St. John University, located right in the heart of it all.

No matter what major you’re pursuing—business, communication, education, English, film, history, information technology, sport and exercise or religion—you’ll find classes to take at York St. John University.

York St John University

I’ll be studying at York St John University.

  • Student body: 5,657 students
  • Academics: programs in the arts, business and communications, education and theology, and health and life sciences
  • Semester II dates: February 1, 2010–May 24, 2010. Exams from May 10–May 29, 2010.


The program includes excursions to historical and cultural sites in cities like London, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh and Manchester. Please see my Itinerary and Maps and Places pages for more (updated) information on our excursion sites.
We may also travel on your own, and may wish to do so on our 3-week-long spring break.

Program Director, Spring 2010

Dean Ward, Professor of English
Email Prof. Ward