Everything from an Election to an Elephant-sized Excursion to Edinburgh

10 May 2010 | 3 Comments
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

The day after Durham, I slept in to get some much needed extra rest. I picked up 2 pasties from the Cornish Pasty Bakery across from Betty’s Tea Rooms (as opposed to the one in King’s Square) for brunch and dinner — I tried to keep my weekend meals cheap and to the minimum. I… Read more.

Video Clip: Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

10 May 2010 | No Comments

Watch a short video clip from atop Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Feature Story: U.S. vs. U.K. Politics

3 May 2010 | 1 Comment
L-R: David Cameron (Conservatives); Gordon Brown (Labour); Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)

The following article was written for my British Culture: Tapestries and Networks class, one of my Calvin College courses here at York St John University. Therefore, it’s a little different than my typical blog post. Enjoy. I anxiously watched the live coverage of the Health Care Reform bill debates on the night of March 21,… Read more.

Durham: A Bend in the River and Evensong

2 May 2010 | No Comments
Durham Cathedral across River Wear

Farewell to My Parents I met my parents at the Brentwood again in the morning. They were enjoying another full English breakfast served by the lovely couple who ran the bed and breakfast. They even offered me some, but I only took a gooseberry yogurt and tea. We went up to their room one last… Read more.

The Ravaged Family Garden – An Essay on Wuthering Heights

30 April 2010 | 1 Comment

Note: The following critical essay was written for Tracking British Literature in the spring of 2010. Imagine flipping through a family photo album and not recognizing anyone in the pictures: all of your family members – your father, your mother, and your siblings – are strangers, and none of this is due to amnesia or… Read more.

Parents in York – Day 2

30 April 2010 | No Comments
Towers of the York Minster

With one month left of my semester in Great Britain, I was celebrating for 3 short days with my parents in York. I let them sleep in just a bit. I arrived at their bed and breakfast around 8:30 AM. They were eating breakfast in a small room at the back of the Brentwood, and… Read more.

Parents in York – Day 1

29 April 2010 | No Comments
Our meal at the Cross Keys pub

Essay Frenzy Early Sunday morning I registered for fall classes at Calvin. I got into all of the classes I needed and wanted except one. I’d have to take Creative Nonfiction instead of Writing for the Media, toward my Writing minor, but the latter was not being offered. Since I was up early, I decided… Read more.

Yorkshire Dales

25 April 2010 | No Comments
The cliff near Malham

I was a bit reluctant to put my hiking shoes back on the morning of our excursion to the Yorkshire Dales. They were the only pair of shoes that I had with me for 3 weeks, and after a week back in York wearing slightly more comfortable shoes, I wasn’t ready for them. But we… Read more.

Hoek van Holland to Harwich and Back to York

23 April 2010 | No Comments
F***ing Eyjafjallajökull on the BBC in the morning

Hoek van Holland to Harwich On the morning of April 17, I packed my backpack one last time. My 3-week long spring break was over. I was happy for all the extra time to travel, but was also happy to begin my journey back to my home-away-from home. After breakfast, my uncle and aunt would… Read more.

Spring Break: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

19 April 2010 | No Comments
Gabled roofs on buildings on the Grote Markt in central Nijmegen

Late in the afternoon of April 15, I took the train from Bergen op Zoom to Rosendaal to Nijmegen. Tante Hennie texted me that she was waiting for me at the top of the escalator outside the train station in Nijmegen, and so she was. Oom Wim was waiting in the car, and they drove… Read more.