York St John Modules

14 January 2010 | No Comments

Today, with less than two weeks till I leave for England, I found out that I got into the two York St John University modules that I wanted. Now I should note that what Americans typically call ‘courses’ are known as ‘modules’ in Britain–or at least that’s what they are called at York St John… Read more.


13 December 2009 | No Comments

I recently received my booklist for my York semester. I wanted to share the titles of the books I will be reading while I am in England. Two of my books are for my British Culture course (the first list), in which we’ll be encountering British culture first-hand: talking to people, visiting museums, and going… Read more.

York Bound

8 December 2009 | No Comments

I am going to York, England, spring semester 2010. Check back here in January when I start blogging about my experiences living and studying in England for four months. Until then I’ll post stories about my preparations for the semester and other related information.