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Speeding Toward the End and Stratford-upon-Avon

26 May 2010 | 1 Comment

The End of All Things (Well, Almost…) The days after Hadrian’s Wall I felt like I was speeding toward the end. Indeed, there were only 12 whole days left. I worked on my final essay for British Literature, honing my thesis on Middlemarch. I prepared some ideas for a conference with Dean. I thought I’d compare and contrast… Read more.

George Eliot: Queen of (Changing) Hearts – An Essay on Middlemarch

24 May 2010 | 1 Comment

Note: The following critical essay was written for Tracking British Literature in the spring of 2010. In a world with billions of people sometimes it is easy to forget just how connected we humans are to one another. One person’s action may have a reaction elsewhere in the web of connections and not think twice… Read more.

Hectic Happenings and Castle Howard

23 March 2010 | 1 Comment

St Thomas with St Maurice Church After having heard so many good things about St Thomas with St Maurice Church on Lowther Street (near the Grange, where I live), and even meeting some of its members as a result of my Oral Histories project interview with Mr and Mrs Nye, and attending Tea and Toast… Read more.

Reading, Research, and Rainy Rievaulx Abbey and Helmsley Castle

20 March 2010 | 1 Comment

Beware the ides of March! The middle of March came and I’m feeling the onslaught of homework. Part of it is my fault, due to my partial procrastination, but part of it is that I’m working under very different circumstances than I’m used to. Calvin College is much more regimented than York St John in… Read more.

Middlemarch in the Middle of March, Bath, and Stonehenge

14 March 2010 | No Comments

Full English breakfasts have become my routine Monday morning breakfast. That’s baked beans, a poached egg, a hash brown, bacon, tomato, and a sausage. They have a deal at the dining hall where you can get the full breakfast plus a free drink (usually tea for me) for £3. Americans may be wondering what the… Read more.


13 December 2009 | No Comments

I recently received my booklist for my York semester. I wanted to share the titles of the books I will be reading while I am in England. Two of my books are for my British Culture course (the first list), in which we’ll be encountering British culture first-hand: talking to people, visiting museums, and going… Read more.