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Durham: A Bend in the River and Evensong

2 May 2010 | No Comments

Farewell to My Parents I met my parents at the Brentwood again in the morning. They were enjoying another full English breakfast served by the lovely couple who ran the bed and breakfast. They even offered me some, but I only took a gooseberry yogurt and tea. We went up to their room one last… Read more.

The Ravaged Family Garden – An Essay on Wuthering Heights

30 April 2010 | 1 Comment

Note: The following critical essay was written for Tracking British Literature in the spring of 2010. Imagine flipping through a family photo album and not recognizing anyone in the pictures: all of your family members – your father, your mother, and your siblings – are strangers, and none of this is due to amnesia or… Read more.

Rounding Out the Month and Haworth: Bronte Country

28 February 2010 | No Comments

York Smells Like Chocolate York smells like chocolate. This is something I have failed to mention in all my previous blog posts, but it’s true: York smells like chocolate. Often I will step outside my door in the morning, or be walking back to the Grange from classes and take a whiff of the air,… Read more.